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Industry 4.0 Readiness Assessment Service
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Industry Consulting Service
Technology & Innovation
To support the upgrading and preparation of the Thai industrial sector to the digital era (Industry 4.0) and to enhance the application of technology in production line, the “One-Stop Service” of the Sustainable Manufacturing Center (SMC) is a starting point to provide consultation, advice and task prioritization for Industry 4.0 transformation. •Industry 4.0 readiness assessment using “Thailand i4.0 Index” to assist companies and factories in identifying their problems and needs toward industry transformation. •Tax advisory services from relevant agencies (e.g. BOI) by providing services ranging from reviewing potential benefits to writing project proposal to obtain benefits offered by the government. •Guidance on SMC services such as roadmapping, business efficiency enhancement, workforce development, customized research to solve specific problems of your organization. •System Integrator (SI) expertmatching to help analyze the potential and suitability of SI that meets the needs of each corporate. Read More