Regulatory Sandbox

Eastern Economic Corridor of Innovation (EECi) established with innovation ecosystem where major innovation and R&D infrastructure are sited to fully support translational research. Moreover, another key factor to bring down limitations and regulations in conducting R&D activities is the set up of Regulatory Sandbox to solve innovation regulatory issue and to promote development of the products and services.

EECi regulatory sandbox aim to be a mechanism to facilitate industrial innovation. This regulatory sandbox serves as test and trial ground for technology and innovation under appropriate safeguards to contain the consequences of failure and maintain the overall safety. It will also act as linkage between innovators and regulatory bodies to efficiently cooperate in shorten procedure and time of innovation commercialization. Projects within the area are:

Authorization to Use Frequency Band for Innovation Development and Test

To support testing, research and development activities for telecommunication innovation as well as other frequency transmission related technologies in temporary term until the device is ready for mass manufacturing or commercialization. It also encourages development and test of innovation in broadcasting industry, telecommunication industry, and radio broadcasting industry.

Authorization to Test for UAV Development

To promote testing, research and development activities in Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) related innovation for industrial sector, system developer, and user in co-operation with regulatory bodies and technology development assistance agencies.

Connected and Autonomous Vehicle (CAV) Proving Ground

To strengthen the modern automotive industry, this facility will be the first of its kind in Thailand as a “proving ground” and a “regulatory sandbox” for testing the Connected and Autonomous Vehicles (CAV) with international standards. The facility provides full supports for the research and development of Thai CAV manufacturers, helping them to reduce cost and risk of initial investments and be able to compete internationally.