Target Industries


Thailand possesses strong capabilities in automotive and automotive spare parts manufacturing industries, which lay the foundation for capabilities and opportunities in shift forward to the development of aviation and aviation spare parts in the future. Thai’s government has set the development of aviation industry as one of the focus industries, which is including the unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), space and satellite, and aircraft service maintenance sectors. However, regulations, and industry practices of the aviation and space industry has set at high standards, make it more difficult for new entrepreneur to embrace into the market supply chain.

The industry also relies mainly on advance technology such as advance materials technology, aviation and space technology, and also science and technology infrastructure for testing and certification for standard lifting compared to the previous arrangement of the country. Prompt investment in such infrastructure will foster Thailand competitiveness and attract major players within the industry to pursue R&D activities in our country.

EECi has set the roadmap for aviation and space industry and will steadily invest in the following infrastructure:

  • Aerospace and Aviation System Integration Technology
  • Engineering System for Drone/UAV System Design
  • AI Technology for Aerospace & Aviation
  • Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) Application Development
  • Drone/UAV Testbed-Sandbox-Living Lab
  • National Quality Infrastructure (NQI) Testing & Certification
  • Drone/UAV Training Center

Thai government will take the role of planning and preparing applicable research and development infrastructure such as material technology, data analytics technology, artificial intelligence (AI) technology, cyber security technology, aviation testing infrastructure, as well as small scale airport for aviation assessment, infrastructure for assessing and adjusting regulatory such as regulator sandbox.

In addition, the government shall promote the government procurement to by key market base for entrepreneur in the industry. At the same time, related regulations must be adjusted to participate the technology development, therefore the entrepreneur can be legally listed or registered business in small aviation manufacturing or small aviation services provider such as UAV for precision agriculture application, disaster prevention or disaster victim aids, etc.