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Greenhouse & Plant Factory

EECi offers the significant infrastructures, such as smart greenhouses and plant factories for modern agriculture to support breeding plants to environmental conditions, increasing yield of agricultural products, and shortening cultivation period.

EECi Headquarters - Building S: Greenhouse and Plant Factory

Total cooling capacity = 280 tons (refrigeration)

Total electricity capacity = 500 kVA

Fire alarm and sprinkler systems covering all areas

Total water capacity = 30 cubic meters/day

Loading area height 4.1 m with polished floor

Room Type
  • 280 sq.m (1 module)
  • 310 sq.m (5 modules)

Ceiling height = 8.1 m

Floor load = 1,000 kg/sq.m

Polished floor

Plant Factory

425 sq.m (2 modules)

Ceiling height = 9.55 m

Floor load = 1,000 kg/sq.m

Polished floor

Normal electricity load ~ 3 Phase 160A (with kWh meter)

Essential electricity load ~ 3 Phase 50A (with kWh meter)

Eastern Economic Corridor of Innovation
111 Thailand Science Park (TSP), Phahonyothin Road, Khlong Nueng, Khlong Luang, Pathum Thani 12120, Thailand
Telephone +66 2564 8000, E-mail: info@eeci.or.th