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Biorefinery Pilot Plant

BIOPOLIS offers a multipurpose biorefinery infrastructure which is a ‘non-proprietary (generic) equipment’ platform for private and public organisations, as well as local and international universities. This biorefinery platform is designed in such a way that it allows users to re-configure the equipment line-up arrangement, and to adjust process parameters to the extreme values in order to find the optimal process conditions. This unique platform allows clients to scale up and validate to scale up and validate their laboratory scale prototype and to perform the techno-economic feasibility study before investing in a specific, dedicated industrial production line. The infrastructure will consist of two main pilot plants: a non-GMP and a GMP facility. The Non-GMP facility will serve the bio-based industry active in biochemicals, biomaterials, and other relevant bioproducts while the GMP facility will focus on applications in food, feed, cosmetics and neutraceuticals.

This multipurpose pilot plant will be the first of its kind as a sharing centre for bio-based products and processes in not only national but also ASEAN context. The plant will be a non-stop-shop providing professional knowledge, evaluation of techno-economic feasibility and risk management for relevant stakeholders. With less burden of seeking costly services abroad, clients can customize bioprocessing/biorefinery technology for each raw material and product or scale up their innovative processes or products to industrial scale with less burden of seeking costly services abroad. In addition, services will include training and capacity building programmes as well as intellectual property management in the area of biorefinery industry.

Module / Area
Non-GMP pilot plant 1. Biomass Pretreatment and Cellulosic Production Module 1 serves three functions: 1) Raw biomass storage and processing; 2) Reaction units for biomass fractionation; 3) Post-treatment to refine or purify biomass constituents from reaction units
2. Bioprocess, Fermentation & Downstream Process Module 2 accommodates the whole process chain of sterile fermentation, i.e. fermentation to downstream processes
3. Catalyst and Fine Chemical Production Module 3 provides reaction units for chemical production including catalyst synthesis and auxiliary downstream equipment to refine or purify chemicals
GMP pilot plant 1. Microbial Production Process Area 1 involves fermentation for production of functional ingredients or high-value bioproducts
2. Downstream Process and Bioconversion Area 2 offers flexible downstream processing to refine or purify the end products including formulation and encapsulation.
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