BIOPOLIS – Innovation platform for Biotechnology

          Focus on development of technology and innovation as well as preparation of translational research infrastructure to enhance capacities of the existing focus industries and industries for the future or the “New S-curve”. The first phase of strategic technology area including (1) innovative agriculture, (2) functional ingredient, (3) chemical and bioprocess technology which will promote biotechnology product development.

BIOPOLIS Strategic Technology Area

Innovative Agriculture

          Development direction of Thai agriculture sector has set toward value-added and sustainability agriculture by using technology and innovation as a tool for productivity improvement to meeting the growing demand, create a balance between productivity and efficient and effective use of resources, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, increase capabilities in adapting to climate change. Aiming at increase productivity and farm income, the traditional farming will be transformed to modern farming through intense technology and innovation development and application start from breeding, cultivation, husbandry, processing, and marketing.  
          In developing of the innovation to support the modern farming, major infrastructure that has been prepared are high throughput phenotyping screening system, both pilot and filed level, to monitoring of plants response to environmental conditions which is key to success to shorten the time needed for plant breeding to improve plant characteristics that meet demand of the market and farmer. The development of precision agriculture and plant factory system will focus on the level of prototype development and technology demonstration for high-value greenhouse crops. The center will be responsible for modification of technologies to accommodate the plant types of Thailand at the affordable cost for the farmer. Prototype development of closed aquaculture demonstration system in order to gain better control of environmental conditions that are particularly suitable to each type of fish in high-density condition with water treatment system for reuse. The technology also concerns testing in feed, vaccine, and research in pre-commercial aquaculture system. There will be an establishment of center for smart farming device development such as sensor for water flow control, nutrients control, precision field conditions monitoring which can improve efficiency in resources consumption and cost reduction. Such infrastructure will act as new technology business incubator in modern agriculture sector, to create and share these advanced technologies to be widely used in agricultural sector and driven the country toward modern farming technology exporter.

Phenomics Greenhouse to gather data of plant in response to environmental variation

Plant Factory closed plant growing system
Sample of infrastructure in Agricultural Innovation Center

          The center will operate in harmonized with 5 strategic and sub-frameworks as following: 1) the sample of infrastructure of the center will elevate modern farming activities such as plant factory for herbal or high-value plants production along with seedlings preparation system, and complete and standard harvesting system. 
          Key services the center offers for agriculturalists, local and foreign research institutes/universities, as well as corporations/startups are (1) R&D support service and pilot-scale production service; (2) space/demonstration system for research network or research community (produce, harvest, and marketing); and (3) consultation service/one stop training and technical knowledge sharing service. The center will act as intermediary to set joint research framework in which all beneficiaries are participate throughout the chain and can promptly utilize the research output/outcome.

Target Group, Services, and Operating Mechanism of the Agricultural Innovation Center

          Operating mechanism of the center is focusing on the closed link between technology developers and users in joint research with educational and research institutes (local and foreign); and will also work closely with ARIPOLIS to develop smart agri-electronics devices. This can descript the interrelationship between each center located within EECi and other related institutes.

Functional Ingredient 

          Development direction in added value to agricultural products and biodiversity of the country is to shift from produce and distribute of primary processed product toward distribution of functional ingredient as initial material for food, feed, cosmetic, and biopharmaceuticals industries. However, this transformation requires science and technology as well as intensive technologies investment as a development fundamental.

          Aiming to develop innovation to promote functional ingredient production through standard manufacturing process with scientific data for product certification. Priority is to set up supporting infrastructure including scaling-up production system for plants and microorganisms with Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) standard; international standard laboratory for active ingredients properties testing for utilizing in food supplementary, cosmetics, and pharmaceutical products; and also research and technology development for scientific data for certify the function/qualification of each active ingredients.

Sample of Infrastructure

          Operating mechanism of this innovation center will focus on cooperative working network in form of Public Private and Partnership (PPP), both large enterprises and SMEs, and linkage with research network local and international including the Food Innopolis.